Manifest.AR is an international artists collective, critically employing technology in an attempt to change public space and the way in which we communicate.

Coming from different countries, the members of the collective create politically engaged and sometimes humourous interventions virtually in specific locations around the world. Their projects focus on subjects such as the financial crisis, censorship, mass uprisings and border control, but also in fundamental ways on our use of new technologies. The collective has appeared – uninvited – in art museums and biennials around the world in recent years.

Manifest.AR’s interventions often deal with what is going on in a specific place. Often the group not only intervenes with one project, but several projects created by each member responding to the context.

For the exhibition Conversations Manifest.AR have created four separate augmented reality projects to be experienced at various locations in Copenhagen, using a smartphone. The four projects by Tamiko Thiel, Mark Skwarek, John Craig Freeman and Will Pappenheimer deal with current affairs in Denmark and the location of Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center in the center of the city.

Even though Manifest.AR’s projects do not transform the actual physical surroundings, they do expand reality through digital means. And as augmented reality technology becomes more and more accessible, it takes on an added significance in terms of our political reality.

About augmented reality (AR)
Augmented reality (AR) is a relatively new technology which makes it possible to create digital layers of images, sound and text on top of physical reality. For instance, through a special smartphone app, virtual objects can be made to appear on the phone’s display when we are located in a specific place, or when pointing the camera phone at something particular. The technology often makes use of the GPS functionality to determine our location and/or the phone’s camera to enable visual recognition of objects. A familiar example is QR codes which we scan with our camera phones in order to access special information.

Augmented reality technology is increasingly being used by companies and organisations, such as the tourist trade, enabling it to add information and advertisements to strategically important places in a virtual layer. In recent years, artists have also begun using the technology to create art works such as virtual sculptures and interventions.

How to launch a Manifest.AR artwork
You need a smartphone, (Android, iPhone 4 or iPad 2)