FOKUS 2015:

- a movie with your neighbors about choosing a role model.

In photographer and video artist Tina Enghoff’s most recent out- reach project and contribution to FOKUS 2015, De syv valg (“The Seven Choices”), we meet seven young people aged 12 to 22 to- gether with their role models – e.g. an older brother, a schoolteacher or the recreation centre teacher.

The film is inspired by Lars von Trier’s De Fem Benspænd (“The Five Obstructions”) from 2003 in which poet and film director Jørgen Leth was challenged to recreate his own film Det Perfekte Menneske (“The Perfect Human”) from 1967 under creative pressure and strict limitations.

Just like von Trier challenged Leth, the young people and their role models must challenge each other without the possibility of saying no. Through these both physically boundarycrossing and mentally demanding excursions, the young people experience themselves and not least their role models in situations that assist in empowering them and giving them the appetite to try new things.

They are furthermore challenged in a photo studio where they, with a departure in a similar setup inspired by Det Perfekte Menneske, are to take pictures of each other. Boundaries are moved, friendships flourish, and the ability to see qualities that they themselves aim at in another person gains a large importance.


For some years now, Tina Enghoff has been collaborating with young people in the Copenhagen Folehaven area on video projects in which they reflect on their lives and surroundings. At FOKUS 2013, we showed Ved du hvem jeg er? (“Do you know who I am?”), made together with a group of 15 to 17 year old boys, while FOKUS 2014 saw the première of Løgndetektoren (“The Lie Detector”) about a group of 11 to 15 year old boys. This year’s contribution continues this collaboration and gives yet another interesting insight into the thoughts and challenges of the Folehaven youth.

Meet Hussein Abdelrahim, Ahmed Abdelrahim, Husam Al-nouri, Yusuf Camur, Michael Anthony Collins, Karima Darazzi, Sara Hauge Hansen, Rune Mark Jensen, Nesat Karandja, Ramadan Karandja, Rosa Nielsen, Henrik Støckel, Sus Thulstrup, Esat Ünal, Hussein, Abdelrahin, Kashif Hussain and Dwight Anthony Virgo. The last three are composers of the film music.

Thursday 5. February 18:00