FOKUS 2015:
WAYS OF CURATING, WAYS OF SEEING: Jacqui Davies (UK) + Julia van Mourik (NL)

Photo: Marina Abramovic

Come to a double event with Dutch curator Julia Van Mourik and London-based curator Jacqui Davies.

Julia van Mourik presents her most recent video series Mega Armageddon Death - Long Version in which a number of artists have made one minute long videos featuring pop songs, sound collage, noise manipulation and sonic compositions. The series is curated by British artist and musician Nathaniel Mellors. Besides, Julia van Mourik will present her work with The One Minutes, a series of one minute long art videos. A visual artist is invited to curate each series in which the artist contributes new works. Julia van Mourik will end her lecture with a screening of Ways of Something in which a number of artists have added moving pictures to John Berger’s famous BBC-documentary Ways of seeing from 1972. This series is curated by Canadian artist Lorna Mills.

Jacqui Davies presents a selection of works from the programme series Random Acts that she has curated for the British Channel 4. Random Acts are three minutes long video works, all produced for the TV format. In Random Acts, artists such as Marina Abramovic, Dara Birnbaum, James Franco Johan Grimonprez, Martha Rosler and Apichatpong Weerasethakul have tried their hands at the TV medium, both politically and aesthetically.