FOKUS 2015:

Marta Ponsa presenst a selection from Inventing the Possible. Ephemeral Video Library, an exhibition shown at the Jeu De Paume in Paris until February 8 2015.

This selection contains 26 art videos exploring man’s relation to utopias around the end of the previous century. The videos address relevant topics such as: the importance of an education; reflections on the notion of “community”; reassessment of the past; and environmental issues.

These are videos that experiment with varying degrees of humour and a sense of tragedy. Their contents differ considerably in terms of both context and geographical areas. There is footage from the desert in Kuwait to the Amazon rain forest, from the northernmost point of Canada to Senegal and Indonesia.

The video format shows a wide range, from documentary and fiction films to animated, experimental and performance films. The common denominator is that they all revolve around the possibilities for change. 

Inventing the Possible has been constructed as a video library, and all material has been produced within the last ten years. The exhibition has been curated in collaboration with Hilde Van Gelder, professor of modern art history at KU Leuven and director of Lieven Gevaert Centre for Photography, and curator Marta Ponsa, chief responsible for art projects and outreach programmes at the Jeu de Paume.