- Art, culture and the creating of a community in motion


Conference for the art and culture initiative SACRE on the theme “The possibility of the impossible”

The conference will feature artists, people within culture, politicians, business people, scientists and citizens who wish to focus on the significance of art and culture as inspiration for the community and society of the future.

There will be contributions by author Peter Høeg, stage director and opera director Kasper Holten, artist Tal R, rector Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen, artist and futurologist Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm, businessman Alfred Josefsen, musician Peter Bastian a.o.

The theme “The possibility of the impossible” is about the capability of art to express the infinite and unimaginable space of opportunity as an alternative to the conventional and technocratic society, lacking in spirituality. Key questions of the day will be: Why is the creating of art and culture crucial to the future of Danish society? How can the boundary-crossing potential of art contribute to the way in which we think and perceive ourselves as well the society of which we are a part?

SACRE is a diverse initiative with a focus on the role played by art and culture in how people live their lives and how society functions as a community. SACRE gets its name from Society, Art, Culture, Risk and Emancipation. It initiates a series of dialogue-based activities. In connection with SACRE, there is a network of joint research in which researchers and actors within art and culture co-operate. 

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08.30-09.00: Arrival and registration

09.00-09.10: Welcome by professor Preben Melander: Why is the creating of art and culture crucial to the future of Danish society. Is art on the edge?

09.10-09.40: Stage director and opera director Kasper Holten: Art – isn’t it just for fun?

09.40-10.10: Artist and futurologist Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm: The Hunt for the Possibility of the Impossible

10.10-10.30: Film relay: Experimental film sequences in which different Danish cultural personalities challenge the space of opportunity of the future 

10.30-10.45: Break

10.45-11.10: Rector Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen: What can our society learn from art’s ability to leave things uncertain?

11.10-11.35: Businessman Alfred Josefsen: Art and culture as the driving forces behind education and the creating of society

11.35-12.00: Artist Tal R: About the end of the world

12.00-13.00: Lunch  

13.00-14.00: Workshop: How can the Possibility of the Impossible provide an impetus to innovation within various aspects of society – including politics, science, civil society, business, labour market, education, primary education in the Folkeskolen, municipalities, etc. How may the boundary-crossing potential of art serve as a source of inspiration in creating new perspectives in the great challenges of our day and age? And how may art transform itself?

14.00-14.20: The art installation ”Utopia – Are you DUMB?” by artist and futurologist Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm

14.20-14.50: Coffee break

14.50-15.20: Author Peter Høeg: 
On experiencing art

15.20-15.50: Musician Peter Bastian: The nature of art and a showdown with the spirit of the times

15.50-16.00: SACRE says thank you for the day so far.

16.00-17.00: Social get-together and further debate in hallways and lobbies. Refreshments will be served.



Price for participation DKK 575  (including lunch, refreshment, coffee, various materials, etc)

Registration and payment no later than November 17 2014 via this link http://www.tilmeld.dk/sacre14 



Monday 24. November 09:00