True to tradition, FOKUS kicks off with a grand opening night with FOKUS 2015 OPEN CALL.

The festival jury presents the ten nominees in their full length and discloses the three winners of the competition. 

This year’s jury is film director Christina Rosendahl, video artists Hanne Nielsen and Birgit Johnsen, Jacob Høgel, visual anthropologist and former Head of New Danish Screen, as well as the Head of Nikolaj Kunsthal Andreas Brøgger and curator Johanne Løgstrup.

The nominees are: 

Sam Smith (AU), Form Variations, 2014
Niels Pugholm (DK), Emigrant, 2013
Nikolai Nekh (PT), Meio Corte, 2013
Cecilia Torquato & Gunhild Enger (SE), Inbox, 2013
Malene Choi (DK), SKOV, 2014
Lene Vollhardt & Seraphine Meya (D), Registrationsfragmente eines Vagen Krieges, 2014
Paul Simon Richards (UK), HS.FS.ZWN-BS.NC.BS, 2014
Conny Karlsson Lundgren (SE), Koncert në Vitin 2014, 2014
Eva la Cour & Kristian Poulsen (DK), Posing Possession II, 2014
Mahdi Fleifel (AF/DK), Xenos, 2013

All 265 works can be seen at FOKUS 2015.

Watch the trailers from the 10 nominees.

Thursday 5. February 19:00