Walter Mignolo

BE.BOP (BLACK EUROPE BODY POLITICS) was created by Berlin-based curator Alanna Lockward out of a wish to create an international forum for an interdisciplinary discussion of aesthetics, based on theories of decolonisation in Europe. BE.BOP has been taking place at the post-migrant theatre space Ballhaus Naunynstrasse in Berlin since 2012. This year it includes for the first time a month long exhibition and a simultaneous presentation at Statens Værksteder for Kunst ("The Danish Art Workshops") from May 15 to 18, in connection to Jeannette Ehlers’ exhibition SAY IT LOUD! at Nikolaj Kunsthal.

BE.BOP in Copenhagen will open with the keynote "Say it Loud!: Re-Existences, Re-Surgences and Re-Emergences", by professor of semiotics and decolonial studies at Duke University, North Carolina, Walter Mignolo (AR). This opening speech will take place at University of Copenhagen Amager, Building 22, Ground floor, Room 11 - entrance from Njalsgade by the canal (see map below). 

BE.BOP previous editions have engaged European audiences in intricate detail with the outrage generated by Black/African Diaspora people when confronting a racist world order structured along the lines of coloniality. BE.BOP 2014 now brings re-existence into the hallowed grounds of healing by means of drawing the spiritual map of Pan-Africanism before and after the so-called “Scramble for Africa” and continues its contribution to the radical imagination of European futures in which immigrants are becoming fundamental players.


  • Art Labour Archives
  • Ballhaus Naunynstrasse
  • Heinrich Böll Stiftung