SCENATET (DK) and Ensemble Pamplemousse (US)

With a common thirst for exploring new musical spheres and sonic realms, the two internationally acclaimed experimental ensembles SCENATET (DK) and Ensemble Pamplemousse (US) join their musical forces in an extraordinary double concert in the beautiful space of Nikolaj Kunsthal. They will present a spectacular program, presenting performances with both SCENATET and Pamplemousse individually, and with the two ensembles together - forming one big playful musical collective, combining Pamplemousse’s special blend of tech-ed up virtuosity and SCENATET’s conceptual and multifaceted finesse. You can look forward to be dragged into a musical world, being absurd, hyperactive and refined at the same time, when SCENATET and Pamplemousse take the stage with a number of Danish premieres of new pieces by Pamplemousse's own members, among others Jessie Marino and Dave Broome. In addition, SCENATET will also perform the Danish premiere of the brand new piece 'Freunde' by Danish composer Christian Winther Christensen along with the acoustic feedback performance 'Wings' by Belgian/Dutch composer and sound artist Cathy van Eck.


>> SCENATET/Ensemble Pamplemousse >>
'Pods' by David Broome
Robot chatter for tiny toys, trash and apps in combination with controlled feedback.

'Songs with Orchids' by Natacha Diels
All you have to do is set your mind to it and make it up as you go along. Keep your eye on the ball, don’t stare at the sun, and move forward in a straight line.
Don’t forget to brush your teeth, and exercise daily.

'Throw Me to You And Back Again' by Jessie Marino 
A commentating spectacle for jibber jabber, chatter and thunderous applause.

>> Ensemble Pamplemousse >>
'for melodicas (carbonic render)' by Weston Olencki
Extruded walls of oozing plastic forms with fabricated organisms squirming in synthesized mud....with melodicas.

'Freunde' by Christian Winther Christensen
Four musicians are sitting around a computer performing a score from which they apart from playing what is written, have to interpret a few simple set of game rules, remembering them by heart. Meanwhile the computer registers the sound of the musicians, interprets them according to a primitive software and playback electronic sounds - thus working as a fifth performer in the circle of musical friends.

'Wings' by Cathy van Eck
One loudspeaker and three microphones are placed opposite eachother. The volume is turned high, and feedback occurs. Three performers manipulate the feedback by shifting foam-board panels around, creating new spaces with every movement and therefore also changing the space, in which the feedback can resonate. Depending of the placement of the shields and of the pitches of the feedback, the sound is processed by the computer.

The concert is presented in collaboration with CPH:DOX 2018 and Nikolaj Kunsthal.

Wednesday 7. March 13:00