The event is SOLD OUT.

Nikolaj Kunsthal hereby has the pleasure of inviting you to a dinner in the company of art entrepreneur Anna Petri and her guests artists invited especially for this occasion, Simone Aaberg Kærn, Siri Landgreen, Diana Tørslev, Anika Lori, pianist Eriko Makimura and head chef Sune Rasborg.

As always, there's considerable mystery and secrecy surrounding these cult dinners, and we can therefore not reveal the full programme since surprise is a key element of the experience. Suffice it therefore to say that the artist explores the old popular curse of the Nikolaj Church and dives into the darkest recesses of our collective past.

Old notions of sin and curse mix with current stereotypical images, staged, among others, by "The country star drag queen Ramona Macho".

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