Mark Skwarek, PERFECT

Mark Skwarek, PERFECT, 2012

Visible in various places around Copenhagen

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MARK SKWAREK (Manifest.AR), Perfect, 2012

“What’s wrong with your community? What could you add to a place to make it perfect? More sunlight? A local coffee shop? Closer connections? Better public schools?”

These are the questions amongst many posed by Mark Skwarek in the augmented reality project Perfect.

In an online forum the artist encourages the global population to make the world a better place to be. Maybe a new pink colour would help cheering up the politicians at the Danish parliament, or perhaps morning traffic would be more peaceful when replacing public busses with caravans of camels?

Mark Skwarek has collected real problems and wild ideas from across the world and created these in augmented reality. By using smartphones everyone is invited to explore the problems and suggested solutions that are sculpted virtually in 3D by the artist and placed all around the streets of Copenhagen.