Tamiko Thiel (Manifest.AR), TO QUESTION IS GOLD

Visible everywhere in Denmark

1. Download QR-scanner, scan the QR-code 

with your smartphone and follow the instructions

2. Download Layar app and search for Questions are Gold

3. Enter launch URL into your smartphone internet browser: http://m.layar.com/open/questiongold/

Tamiko Thiel (Manifest.AR), 2012,
To Question Is Gold

To speak is silver, but to question is gold! As Denmark looks to the future, what questions need to be asked that are not being asked? What questions are being asked and not being answered?

In the augmented reality project To Question Is Gold by Tamiko Thiel everyone is invited to pose questions that are not being asked in their community.

Throughout a week people were encouraged to send in their golden question to a Facebook page created in connection with the artwork. Five of these questions were handpicked by the artist and turned into augmented reality. 

The five golden questions are visible in the display of a smartphone as an overlay of golden words surrounding the viewer, hovering over the live camera view of the surroundings, regardless of where one is located in Denmark.