FOKUS 2015: Dark Matters & Jens Lee Jørgensen "Blackout"

Blackout consists of three chairs surrounded by 27 powerful stroboscopic lights. You are invited to get comfortable in your chair and close your eyes...

Through powerful pre-programmed sequences of light, almost hallucinatory patterns are painted on your closed eyelids. Together with the work’s soundtrack, an overwhelming sensory experi- ence is created, playing on the sensitivity of the eye and the brain and how they actively contribute to generating visual impressions. 

Blackout moves in a neuro-aesthetic cross field of science, art and biology. For a long time, science was of the opinion that the eye like
a “camera” transmitted a high resolution “film” to the brain.

Newer research, however, shows that the brain rather transmits a dozen low resolution films that each contain information on e.g. edges, uniform surfaces, or stimuli that start or stop. The visual centre of our brain functions by comparing the films that the eye sends on with shapes and patterns that are already stored in our memory – recognition is in focus. But when we are exposed to a more extreme light than usual, a different psychedelic visual experience appears.

The monumental soundtrack for Blackout is composed by SØS Gunver Ryberg.