Either / Or

16. March 2013 to 19. May 2013

The group exhibition "Either / Or" in Nikolaj Kunsthal Upper Gallery celebrates the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard's 200th birthday 5th May 2013 with a loving and critical look at today's world.

In his famous philosophical work "Either - Or" (1843) Søren Kierkegaard presents the two characters 'the aesthete' and 'the ethicist' as a basis for human behavior. It is with these two concepts, 'the aesthete' and 'the ethicist', the exhibition "Either / Or" addresses the question of how modern man experiences, sees and meets the world. As an aesthetician, a dandy, basing his choosing on the senses and the moment or as the thoughtful ethicist, acting in accordance with the rational and critical thinking?

Rarely the answer is clear or precise, and this tension between the aesthetic and the ethical the cores discussion in the exhibition.

In the gallery the art works are literally placed fronting each other - ethical on one side, aesthetical on the other - leaving it up to the audience to experience, sort and find a way between the aesthetics and ethics.


Exhibiting artists

Alfred Boman (S), Birgit Brenner (D), Christian Falsnaes (GB), Ahmad Ghossein (LB), Jeppe Hein (GB), Tom Hillewaere (B), Pieter Hugo (SA), Renzo Martens (NL), IEPE (NL), Stine Marie Jacobsen (DK), Cia Rinne (FI), Kirstine Roepstorff (GB), David Armstrong Six (CA), Liv Beach (SE)​​, Salinas & Bergman (N), Tal R (DK), Kerry Tribe (USA) and Lee Yongbaek (KR)