Eric Andersen:

16. March 2013 to 19. May 2013

LIAISON is at one a new major work by Eric Andersen, a giant installation in the Lower Gallery of the Art Center, and at the same time a kind of retrospective presentation. For LIAISON Eric Andersen has installed a scaffold in full height of the church room, allowing the audience to move freely around the scaffold's four stories between reconstructions, documentation and brand new works.

Every third day the exhibition changes, new things appear, others are moved and yet some disappear altogether. Only the artist knows what will happen. In this way the exhibition is a living process that can be followed throughout the exhibition period, and the audience is invited to jump on board and engage in the exhibition and the works on display.

The methods differ: objects, writing pads from which pages may be removed and taken home, video, sound, photos. Some you may touch, write on, take home, others you may not. They all contribute to identifying an artistic practice located at some intangible junction of them all, and this ambiguity and incessant changes is the exhibition's core: The audience is challenged and encouraged to engage in the art in many different ways and levels.


Fluxus for more than 50 years

For more than 50 years, Eric Andersen has manifested himself, in a Danish as well as an international setting, as a Fluxus and an intermedia artist 

In the 1960’s, Eric Andersen’s work was closely tied to the Nikolaj Art Center because of the ”Kunstbiblioteket” then residing there and functioning as the primary Danish Fluxus venue. Andersen’s last work in the Nikolaj/Kunstbiblioteket context marked the latter’s final manifestation in the building in 1970: a high scaffolding construction, presenting films and other projects on different levels. With a reference to this work, LIAISON fills the former church room with stairs and platforms, interacting with the guests in a larger and more far-reaching scale in 2013.

Among the older works are Fluxus scores for events from the early 60’s, among these Fluxus in Nikolaj, material from POEX (1965), Solplænen (”The Sun Lawn”, 1965), the satellite project Marianne (1989) that can light three new stars in the sky, as well as Opus 90 (1990) at the National Gallery of Denmark – Andersen’s take on a project that may be both a changeable event and a part of a permanent museum collection. There is also the large project Margrethefjorden (1996), the soundtrack of which consists of a concert for lead weights from Roskilde Cathedral.

Jam in

To follow the full process of the exhibition, you can buy a ”Come as you please” LIAISON ticket, providing access throughout the exhibition period for DKK 50.-

At the end of each exhibition day, Eric Andersen will give a 15 mins long organ concert.

Each Thursday at 7:30 pm, Eric Andersen invites all interested to be a part of a jam session. The only rule is: There are no rules. It's free improvisation and you are allowed the record the session.