Lotte Nielsen:

12. August 2021 to 22. August 2021

Letters from St. Petersburg expands upon Lotte Nielsen's previous artistic work in documenting groups of young LGBTQ + people, most recently in Turkey and the United States. This time she turns to Russia. Her films tackle group identity and how political conditions impact the lives of individuals.

With poetic, highly-colourful imagery Lotte Nielsen paints an empathic portrait of a group of young people from the LGBTQ+ organisation, Coming Out. The film covers a couple of days, during which the young people are gathered in the Triglinki co-living community in downtown St. Petersburg. Based on their own musical, poetic and narrative universes, we get to know a group of young people who stand up for their identity, expression and way of life in a country that forcibly attempts to oppress anyone who does not live up to the conservative, patriarchal values that the government seeks to promote.

Following the adoption of a law banning 'homosexual propaganda' in 2013, there has been a sharp decline in the living conditions and basic rights of LGBTQ+ people. Police violence, hate crimes and harassment have been, and still are a fact of life for countless LGBTQ+ people in the country.

Where: Lower Gallery

When: 12/8-22/8