Kirsten Dehlholm and Thomas Wiesner:
one. two. three. you are - a journey through the homelessness

30. August 1999 to 24. October 1999

Kirsten Dehlholm and Thomas Wiesner : one. two. three. you are - a journey through the homelessness

At the exhibition, a guide conducted children and adults on a tour of the domain of the senses: over narrow bridges, through invisible doors, across a floor of round stones, past a being who lived on silence, to be suddenly confronted by a sea - of sweets. 

You did not observe this art from a safe distance. The spaces, the materials and the forms must be trodden on, sensed and experienced and, yes, perhaps even tasted. The focus was not solely concentrated on seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling; it was just as much aimed at our experiencing that we are in the process of sensing space, ambiences forms and materials. 

As well as being an exhibition to be absorbed, Dehlholm and Wiesner's sensory exhibition one . two . three . you are was also a poetic experience of how powerful the emanations of material, form and space can be when the entirety is co-ordinated into a single, harmonious, minimalist expression. 

Contemporary art today often operates by including the entire space and the observer's own presence as a component of the work. This was precisely where the exhibition had its focus and, perhaps, its educational purpose: it layed bare the importance of experiencing one's own physical presence in harmony with that to which one is introduced. It is as if Dehlholm and Wiesner urge us to experience the interplay between the space, the material, the form and the presence of the observer, as we concentrate ourselves on meeting the work of art. 

One theme of the exhibition was that of homelessness. Dehlholm and Wiesner see homelessness as a recurring condition of the children who grow up in a world stamped by superficial knowledge - that everything can be studied, although never through cognition, congeniality and concentration. Thus, this exhibition appealed to us to take, in conviviality and tranquillity, the plunge into cognition. 

Kirsten Dehlholm is the founder and artistic leader of the performance group Hotel Pro Formawhich, amid considerable attention from both the Danish and international public, has created new scenic expressions in the interplay between architecture, theatre, science, music, poetry and pictorial art. Thomas Wiesner has collaborated with Kirsten Dehlholm for many years. Today, he is mainly engaged on research projects concerned with the boundary areas of architecture. 

The exhibition was arranged by the art center in Odense: Kunsthallen Brandts Klædefabrik.