Thomas Øvlisen :
Second Star to the Right

12. February 2021 to 9. May 2021

If the title of the exhibition seems familiar, it is because it is taken from J.M. Barrie’s novel from 1911 about Peter Pan and his journey to Neverland which can be found by heading towards “Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning.” By referring to Neverland, Øvlisen connects his exhibition with a fantasy universe where dreams, freedom and utopia are in focus.

In front of the windows are paintings of seagulls hovering on a blue background. Air and sea meet here in the blue and form a frame around the seagull. The bird can be perceived as a magical object that is at one and the same time annoying and noisy with its screams but also a symbol of freedom with its movements on the border between sea and land.

The floor of the exhibition is covered by almost four tons of pink sand framed by white tennis lines. At the front and back of the room are grey concrete walls where you can etch your name, a sign or something else that means something to you. The court is as s fragment of an urban city space where people meet and learn by experience, not only in sports but also in friendships, love and dreams about the future.

Second Star to the Right is about reconnecting, not just to one’s own childhood and innocence but also between us humans today and the common contemporary history of which we are a part.

The artist himself regularly will be present at the exhibition and has moved parts of his studio into the Tower Gallery opposite the exhibition space.

Where: Øvre Galleri + Tårngalleri 
When: Feb 12 - May 9