Camilla Brix Andersen:

11. October 2019 to 31. December 2019


Nikolaj Tower

Light artists Camilla Brix Andersen and Palle Vedel have created Supernova.

A natural supernova is the dramatic ending of a stars life, but at the same time the beginning of something new –  a defining move which is shared with the 8 small The Orb Color Edition sfearer, that Supernova consists of. With focus on sustainability and the lifecycles of materials in an open confrontation with the audience and society, Supernova compliments Nikolaj Tower by filling its space with dynamic shadows from  October 11 until December 31 2019.

Idea: Palle Vedel

Artist: Camilla Brix Andersen

Technician: Manden med kameraet