29. August 2018 to 6. January 2019

Nikolaj Kunsthal looks forward to presenting a brand new exhibition for the whole family after the summer holidays.

TEGN is the largest exhibition to date by the Danish artist HuskMitNavn. Nikolaj Kunsthal’s largest room will be transformed into an environment where the artists view of the world can come to life – amongst others via his characteristic life size figures painted on the walls.

One will also be able to experience hundreds of his satirical 3D drawings, where a white piece of A4 paper is transformed into three dimensional sculptures. When visiting the exhibition, the audience is invited to have a go at drawing in different set up environments. As an example, it will be possible to paint on a train, or break the entrance into a space with old gold frames and where the visitor can create art for the ‘museum’.

More info to come.

The exhibition opens on the 29th August, book the date now.