2. September 2020 to 12. September 2020

The Venice Film Festival Comes to Copenhagen

Selected VR works from the 77th VIFF VR Expanded 2020 can be seen at Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen this September.

This year, no less than three Danish VR works have been selected to be a part of the prestigious Venice Film Festival. On this occasion, Nikolaj Kunsthal shows all three Danish works as well as a selection of other works presented by the festival under their satellite programme. The VR Expanded section counts 44 projects, 31 in competition, 9 out of competition and 4 from the Biennale Cinema College – VR.

One of the Danish works that will have its premiere at Nikolaj Kunsthal is related to the film SMAGEN AF SULT (“A Taste of Hunger”) which is about to be produced by Zentropa to open in February next year. SMAGEN AF SULT – VR has been produced in a new collaboration between Zentropa and the innovative film studio Makropol, and it has been directed by the great Virtual Reality talent David Adler together with Christoffer Boe, the director of the actual film. This will be the first time a Danish audience is given the opportunity to experience the VR work.

In addition to SMAGEN AF SULT, the works Havfolket Kalder Mørknet Vand (English title: ”Hush”) and The Hangman at Home – VR and will be shown.
Havfolket Kalder Mørknet Vand presents the opportunity to experience a mythological landscape in which nature comes alive and communicates with the viewer. The film is based on a Nordic myth about the sea people, luring fishermen and yearning souls to take to the sea. The work is a meditative journey from the beach to the bottom of the ocean where the borderline between nature and self is blurred.
For generations, the meeting with nature has brought about stories and created mythological beings, and this VR work wants to make this experience credible.
Havfolket Kalder Mørknet Vand is documentary director Vibeke Bryld’s first VR work.

Havfolket Kalder Mørknet Vand has been produced by Final Cut for Real, a production company with more than 10 years’ experience with creating powerful artistic narratives, and which has also received two Oscar nominations for Joshua Oppenheimer’s prize documentaries.

Havfolket Kalder Mørknet Vand is both a VR experience itself and a work that is attached to the film Thyland, also directed by Vibeke Bryld and expected to open in 2021. In addition to being shown now, this work can also be seen later this year at Nikolaj Kunsthal when it is presented in a large installation this October.
The Hangman at Home - VR is a single-user, interactive VR experience, exploring themes connected with responsibility and people’s intimate space. The story is not about hanging people, but rather about the awkward intimacy of being human.
The VR experience has been animated by hand and begins with a “call to action”. The user is invited to strike a match which kicks off the interactive story. You are now given the opportunity to enter a series of rooms in which five different stories unfold. This provides an almost meditative experience, and you are next invited to make a choice that will turn you into a part of the story.

Which part will you play in this thought-provoking and often poetic journey?

The Hangman at Home - VR shows how we as humans may have more in common than we are inclined to believe and raises questions of co-responsibility.
The prize-winning couple of artists Michelle and Uri Kranot have directed this multimedia project, inspired by Carl Sandburg’s iconic 1922 poem. The Hangman at Home - VR is the first in a series of three works of which this VR, single-user experience is the first to premiere.

The works SMAGEN AF SULT, Havfolket Kalder Mørknet Vand and The Hangman at Home will be shown along with a selection of international works from the Venice Film Festival at Nikolaj Kunsthal from September 2 to 12 2020.

Tickets must be booked in advance and are available via Biletto.