We're happy to welcome the master of analogue synth, Thomas Lehn, is visiting Copenhagen in December. The invitation is initiated by Mark Solborg in collaboration with Goethe Institut Dänemark and Cinemateket. 

This evening Solborg and Lehn will take a closer musical look at Nikolaj Kunsthal. The duo’s electronic, musical universe holds both minimalisme, poetry and a slumbering temper. Inspired by the magnificent room and the artist Andreas Emenius’ exhibited works the two will embrace the church with sound, texture and wild-growing improvisations.

Lehn has, parallel to his work as a pianist, since the early 1990s developed his major and widely reknown work has been performing and producing live-electronic music. Rooted in the experience of a wide spectrum of musical fields based on his background as an interpreting and improvising pianist in classical-, contemporary and jazz-music and having been involved in numerous other projects like music theatre, dance, multi-media, studio pre-/post-production etc., he has formed an individual 'language' of electronic music. 

The electronic equipment he uses consists of analogue synthesizers of the late 1960s, and since 1994 in particular the EMS Synthi A. Besides the substantial sound qualities of its analogue synthesis, the facilities of this modular instrument - for example to modify electronic sounds very directly as well as to combine and to control several parameters of the sound synthesis at the same time - allows him to spontaneously act in close contact with the various structural degrees of the musical process.

His musical activities enclosure long term and newer ensemble collaborations as well as involvements in numerous specific single projects. 

Long term collaborations are ensembles like KONK PACK, TOOT, THERMAL, FUTCH, MIMEO, SPEAK EASY, 6IX, VARIO-34, as well as the duo works with Marcus Schmickler, Tiziana Bertoncini, Gerry Hemingway, Paul Lovens, Frédéric Blondy Urs Leimgruber and John Butcher. More recently formed ensembles are the duos with Benoît Moreau and with the video artist Kjell Bjørgeengen, trio formations with John Butcher involving pianists John Tilbury and Matthew Shipp,  

Mark Solborg has, with 19 international releases as a leader and co-leader made clear and personal imprints in collaboration with such artists as Evan Parker, Paul Lovens, Herb Robertson, Mats Eilertsen, Axel Dörner a.o. Recently his spatial investigations with Christian Skjødt, Dörner, Ingar Zach a.o. was released in a highly acclaimed multimedia release on the label ILK. He continues to work with investigations of intriguing musical universes, both live and in the studio. Recently also with the Danish/Italian chamber trio Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg, a solo project and numerous other constellations - often in a contemporary chamber musical context.