Lasse Lau & Flo Maak:
Fairy Tales

29. May 2021 to 22. August 2021
In the exhibition Fairy Tales, the artists Lasse Lau and Flo Maak present three works about sexuality and identity creation. Lau and Maak’s works are often based on the private sphere using, for instance, the kitchen, food or sex toys as markers that directly or indirectly comment on the conditions of LGBTQ+ persons over time. 
By using the symbols of a fist, slogans, a weeping fig and the rooster known from Kellogg’s Cornflakes, the artist duo stages the themes of sex, gender and activism in a humorous and thought-provoking manner.
The exhibition has been created on the occasion of WorldPride Copenhagen 2021.
Lasse Lau (b. 1974 in Denmark) and Flo Maak (b. 1980 in Germany) have collaborated since 2006. They live and work in Brooklyn and Copenhagen respectively as well as in Berlin. Their works have been shown in Mexico, USA, Germany, Denmark and South Korea.
Where: Tårnrummet 
When: 29 May 22 Aug