Miracle Now

24. May 2018 to 5. August 2018


Miracle Now 

On May 24, Nikolaj Kunsthal opens the exhibition Miracle Now by British-American artist and musician ANOHNI. Works on paper, paintings and sculptures will be accompanied by a 9 channel video installation and ephemeral documents from ANOHNI’s archive.  

ANOHNI first achieved global recognition with her band Antony and the Johnsons after emerging from the 1990s after-hours performance scene in New York City.

ANOHNI’s video installation, an exploration of imagery, sound and text from her 1995 play Miracle Now, will premier in the mainspace of Nikolaj Kunsthal. The upstairs gallery will feature a broad survey of ANOHNI’s works, testifying to her feel for the haptic qualities of materials: collages made out of found pieces and accumulated collections, photographs, larger scale sculptural works and encaustic paintings. Her animist reveries express emotion, knowledge of complicity and desire for transformation in the face of human-wrought ecocide. 

“Does nature evolve, or does she just change?  So much information can now be stored in a tiny space.  Scientists have said recently that ancestral trauma changes our genome in detectable ways. I imagine that in the future we shall put a drop of water in a machine and it will reveal to us every moment that its atoms have ever experienced, and every living and inanimate body that it has ever been a part of. When I first staged the play Miracle Now in 1995, my greatest dream was that Nature would retain knowledge of everything that she had ever been. This was a basis of hope for me, in the face of eco-collapse.” – ANOHNI.

”ANOHNI explores parallel awarenessnesses that each lead to the ongoing destruction of the biosphere. Inspired by artists including Kazuo Ohno, Peter Hujar and Jack Smith, ANOHNI’s work invites us to understand more layers of what is really going on.” - Helene Nyborg, exhibition co-ordinator at Nikolaj Kunsthal.

With the exhibition Miracle Now, Nikolaj Kunsthal brings together ANOHNI’s installations, sculptures and films in a comprehensive presentation, the first of its kind in the Nordic countries. We are extremely pleased at this opportunity to present such a large selection of ANOHNI’s works at Nikolaj Kunsthal.” - Niko Grünfeld, Mayor of Culture and Leisure. 

The exhibition opens on May 24 2018 from 5 to 8pm and can be seen until August 5 2018. All of Nikolaj Kunsthal will be included in the exhibiton.



After Rapture
After Darkfall
After embryo rain
Then will the time be born?
Then is it a moment?

In one moment, a flash of light
The history of the world
Then the dark before the birth of time again

- ANOHNI, 1995


“Nothing goes unrecorded. Every word of leaf and snowflake and particle of dew, as well as earthquake and avalanche, is written down in Nature’s book.”

-John Muir, 1872


ANOHNI: “Where do we go when we die?”  

Nola Taylor: “Back to country.”      

- conversation with a Martu aboriginal elder, Western Australian desert, 2015.



• Born in 1971 in West Sussex, Great Britain. ANOHNI lived in Sussex, Amsterdam and the San Francisco bay area as a child before moving to NYC in 1990. 

• In 1992, she co-founded the late night collective Blacklips Performance Cult. The ensemble consisted of 13 core performers who presented anarchic, original plays.  

• In 1995, ANOHNI founded a new collective, The Johnsons, named in remembrance of Marsha P. Johnson, the transgender street activist. 

• In 1997, she recorded her first full album and began performing as Antony and the Johnsons with a group of musicians at venues in NYC. 

• In 2004, ANOHNI stage a concert/performance piece TURNING in collaboration with Charles Atlas for the Whitney Biennale. 

• In 2005, Antony and the Johnsons’ album I Am A Bird Now won the UK Mercury Music Prize. Further albums followed: The Crying Light (2008), Swanlights (2010), TURNING (2011), and Cut The World (2012). Cut the World included a 12 minute spoken piece entitled “Future Feminism”, in which ANOHNI began to define her animist, eco-feminist perspective more vividly.

• In 2009, ANOHNI presented her first exhibitions of drawings and collages at Isis Gallery in London and at Agnes B. Gallery in Paris. 

• In 2011, she scored and performed in Robert Wilson´s production The Life and Death of Marina Abramović

• In 2012, ANOHNI had a solo exhibition of drawings at the Hammer Museum in LA. 

• In 2012 MoMA presented Antony and the Johnsons´ symphonic concert/performance of Swanlights in opera houses around the world, culminating in a performance at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. 

• In 2013, ANOHNI collaborated with filmmaker Lynette Wallworth and a group of senior Martu artists from the Western Australian desert. She went on to perform a concert and appear across Australian media in support of the Martu in their fight to halt the development of a uranium mine on ancestral land.

• In 2014, ANOHNI collaborated with Kembra Pfahler, Bianca Hunter, Sierra Casady and Johanna Constantine to present 13 Tenets of Future Feminism at The Hole in NYC. 

• To coincide with the 2015 Paris Climate conference, ANOHNI released “4 Degrees”, a song addressing complacency in the face of global warming. 

• In 2016, her album HOPELESSNESS was released to critical acclaim, including another nomination for the Mercury Music Prize and a Brit Award.  Friedrich Meschede curated My Truth, ANOHNI’s first major art exhibition in Europe in Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Germany, presenting her work within the context of artists who have inspired her: Peter Hujar, Kazuo Ohno and James Elaine. 

• In 2017, ANOHNI was artist-in-residence in Aarhus, the European Capital of Culture. She restaged 13 Tenets of Future Feminism, presenting an exhibition, lecture series and workshops in collaboration with Kembra Pfahler and Johanna Constantine.  ANOHNI presented a 5 channel video installation Silent Hopelessness projected on the facade of the opera house and performed a concert with the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and Concert Clemens Choir.